August 12, 2020

West End Gamers Is Back, And You’re Invited!

After an incredible first trip a year ago, West End Gamers (WEG) 2019, composed by Singapore Open Gaming, is back this Sunday, second June 2019, 11.00am to 7.30pm at Bukit Batok CC. This free occasion will include the absolute most recent in tabletop gaming so you’d need to come on down!

The last period of a Game of Thrones might be finished, yet you don’t need to leave Westeros at any point in the near future. A Song of Ice and Fire tabletop miniatures game by CMON will show up with up to 4 tables of wargaming goodness. With lovely miniatures and a creative strategic gaming framework, pick your House, raise your bannermen, and take to the combat zone for the Iron Throne!

f high dream and a more clash scale game are more to your taste, there will be a Games Workshop’s Warhammer Underworlds (WHU) competition for up to 10 players! WHU is anything but difficult to learn engagement game played on a hex-network board with card driven mechanics, that doesn’t take hours to play. Official trophy and swag are simply among the prizes the players can hope to win!

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The great couple from Starting Player will exhibit and postponing their new game, Race for the Chinese Zodiac, their second plan after their first honor winning Three Kingdoms Redux, They had a fruitful Kickstarter this year with satisfaction around August, so this is your opportunity to attempt this game before most people!

Star Wars Legion made its introduction at WEG 2018 and we are happy to invite the game back with a magnificent showing set up by devoted players! Descend and see the disclosing of the Battle of Hoth table, a great fight from The Empire Strikes Back film!

Pretending games have gone from solidarity to quality and WEG is no more odd to RPGs. Tallying in any event 5 distinct tables of RPGs this year, there a module for anybody! From the evergreen Dungeons and Dragons, Dungeon Masters will be running Defiance in Phlan, an Adventurers League module extraordinary for novices new to DnD.

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