August 9, 2020

Wendy’s New Tabletop RPG Pits You Against A Killer Fast Food Clown

Pause… that cheap food chain, Wendy’s?

That is correct, you heard us right. Wendy’s has drawn out the serious weapons (read: dice), and have revealed their own one of a kind form of Dungeons and Dungeons, called Feast of Legends.

Disclosed at New York Comic Con 2019, Feast of Legends isn’t actually utilizing the authority D&D ruleset, yet it derives quite a bit of its mechanics and high dream idea from D&D. First of all, it utilizes a d20 (20-sided bite the dust) framework for which players and the game ace (GM) move for capacity checks, just as assaults.

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Character choices are the place a huge amount of the Wendy’s appeal radiates through. To start with, you’ll be picking an Order, which will decide your play style (Order of the Chicken favors enchantment clients; Order of the Beef suits scuffle clients; and Order of the Sides is a smidgen of both). The wording here is astounding, as it truly utilizes contributions from the Wendy’s menu itself.

The 97-page (thoroughly free) PDF highlights not just guidelines for character creation and ongoing interaction, it likewise includes a pre-composed experience, Rise From the Deep Freeze, for the GM to force option to leave the bat. Here’s the experience summation from the official site:

The country of Freshtovia has been the solitary encouraging sign in the place that is known for Beef’s Keep for a considerable length of time. Be that as it may, the Ice Jester and his rebels display of solidified rascals compromise Queen Wendy’s rule of success. Set up your saints for experience.

Ordinarily, you’d eat some Wendy’s while moving bones and professing to be wizards, yet this time, the American cheap food joint has concluded that it won’t just sit by the sidelines and be an ally to the game; this time, it will be the game.

Regardless, we see Feast of Legends is a flat out success.

Furthermore, remember, this burger bonanza of a tabletop RPG is free!

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