August 12, 2020

Bergman on-screen character Bibi Andersson bites the dust matured 83

Swedish on-screen character Bibi Andersson, most popular for her jobs in incredible chief Ingmar Bergman’s movies, kicked the bucket on Sunday matured 83, her little girl Jenny Grede Dahlstrand said.

Andersson is maybe most popular for featuring in a considerable lot of Bergman works of art including “The Seventh Seal” (1957), “Wild Strawberries” (1957) and “Persona” (1966).

Andersson first began working with the chief at 15 years old, when she was thrown in a few advertisements for the Swedish cleanser brand “Bris,” coordinated by Bergman.

She got a few honors including the Silver Bear for Best Actress at the Berlin universal film celebration in 1963 for her job in Vilgot Sjoman’s “The Mistress” (1962).

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From early film credits in 1951, she kept working and featuring in motion pictures until 2009, when she endured a stroke deadening one side of her body.

Her little girl Grede Dahlstrand said Andersson had made a

“She abandons an extraordinary gap of misfortune for all of us who had the benefit of being close to her,” Grede Dahlstrand said.

Jan Holmberg, CEO of the Ingmar Bergman Foundation, disclosed to AFP that despite the fact that Andersson came to be widely connected to Bergman, she was especially a craftsman in her own right.

Andersson frequently played straightforward and in some cases ineffectively composed characters, yet she “would play those jobs and make them something a lot more prominent,” Holmberg said.

The media, and Bergman himself, frequently alluded to individuals he worked with as “his” on-screen characters and entertainers. Andersson’s reaction was: “I’m my own.”

“What’s more, that is actually what she was,” Holmberg said.

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